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Benefits of ePaper Technology

Readable and Low Power Consumption

E Ink enables the creation of new medium for visual communication. The ePaper technology delivers the look, form and utility of paper encompassing broad design freedom, manufacturing flexibility and the ultimate in readability all with low power consumption.


E Ink enabled products are easily readable even in direct sunlight because the electronic paper component reflects light like ordinary ink on paper. E Ink provides the best digital experience for the viewer because of the stable image, wide viewing angle and reflective properties rather than emitting its own light.

Electronic Paper Displays vs. LCD

E Ink technology relies on reflected, not emitted, light. This ensures text looks natural in any lighting condition.

E Ink 25X


Lowest Power Consumption

E Ink is bistable, which means it needs no power to hold an image or page of text. ePaper is a low power technology because the image does not consume energy once set no matter how long it is displayed.

Durable and Reliable

Comprehensive environmental robustness based on multi-year investment in sealant methods, moisture protection, UV block and mechanical protection.