E Ink Releases Reference Design for Secondary Smartphone Display

E Ink power efficient displays offer significant value to product designers, not only for eReaders, but also for mobile devices. Using an E Ink display as a primary or secondary display can extend battery life and support always on information.

Smartphone adoption rates have steadily increased in recent years, and that adoption has changed our habits as cell phone users. A recent IDC study stated that 79% of all Smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up, and 63% of Smartphone users keep their phones with them for all but 1 hour of their waking day. Smartphones have become an essential tool in our lives. Apps help us manage our daily tasks; book or check flights, manage our exercise plan or access files from the cloud. As our need to stay connected grows, and our reliance on the convenience of our Smartphones and their tools grows, battery life becomes ever more important.

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tolino shine Launches in Germany – eReaders Move Into New Markets

In early March, Deutsche Telekom, together in partnership with major German publishers & booksellers, Bertelsmann Club, Thalia, Der Club, Hugendubel & Weltbild, announced the launch of a new eReader targeted for the German market. The tolino shine is available for sale online now, through one of the above bookstores, or T-Mobile.


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E Ink at DSE 2013 – Signs, Signs & More Signs!


Last week E Ink attended Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2013 – our very first signage show!

Many of you may not realize this, but E Ink actually started off in signage, with our very first product in 2000 – a simple segmented large area sign.

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World’s Thinnest Watch approaches $1 million in sales on Kickstarter

In January, Central Standard Timing launched a revolutionary new watch at the 2013 CES show. E Ink’s SURF display was an integral part of their vision and design process, and together we previewed the CST-01 during ShowStoppers and in press meetings, to overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Central Standard Timing made the CST-01 watch available on Kickstarter, with an initial goal of raising $200,000 within 45 days. Today is day 42 and the team has raised $907,050, and are pushing to hit $1 Million before they close off the campaign.

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E Ink at CES 2013

Last week E Ink participated in CES 2013 in Las Vegas. While we didn’t exhibit at the show, we attended ShowStoppers, a press event on Tuesday night, and met with reporters throughout Wednesday to offer a sneak peak at some new technologies and products coming up in the future.

You can find a full listing of our press coverage on our website, but we wanted to share a few video articles from video blogger Charbax, who spent nearly an hour with our CMO, Sri Peruvemba.

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E Ink’s New Segmented Kit Now Available

Last week I posted about the new YotaPhone and how they are utilizing our new flexible, dynamic, active matrix display to offer a futuristic take on the smartphone; a dual screened phone with EPD on one side, and LCD on the other.

For E Ink, flexible, high resolution, active matrix displays are a new offering; however, product designers have been imagining the possibilities utilizing a flexible TFT for years. There have been several companies looking to launch products using these displays, but the Wexler FlexONE was the first eReader on the market using such technology.

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E Ink Dual Screen Smartphone Coming in 2013

Yesterday, December 12, our customer, Yota, announced a new phone coming in 2013 that features an E Ink display.

While E Ink has been included in cell phones before, with the Motofone F3, the Samsung Alias 2 and the Sony Ericsson Urbano Affare, the E Ink display had been a small supplemental display, or a keypad. The Yota product marks the first time E Ink will be a large secondary display on a smartphone.

Yet this phone is not significantly heavier or using significantly more power. How is this possible?

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Help Worldreader win a $1,000,000 American Giving Award

Our friends over at Worldreader are one of 25 nonprofits competing for a $1 million grant through the Chase American Giving Awards.

Voting is open from now until Tuesday, December 4. Your vote for Worldreader could help them win $1 million to be used to empower the future generations of Africa.

You can cast your vote here: http://vote4books.com/WR_Eink.

Worldreader’s Missiontaken from their website

    Worldreader is a US and European non-profit whose mission is to make digital books available to children in the developing world, so millions of people can improve their lives. As of October 2012, we’ve put over 229, 000 e-books – and the life-changing, power-creating ideas contained within them – into the hands of 1,000 children in sub-Saharan Africa. Those children now read more, read better, and are improving their communities.

Digital technology sharply lowers the cost and complexity of delivering books everywhere. As we make reading easier and less expensive, the the world will read more.

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The E Ink persistency contest – from E-Ink-Info.com

The below blog post is from our friends over at e-ink-info.com. E Ink is not running this contest, but we love the idea, and thought you might find it interesting. If you want to learn more about bi-stability and E Ink, please check out the technology page on our website. Thanks to e-ink-info.com and Ron Mertens for thinking up this contest – we’re eager to read the suggestions!

The E Ink persistency contest, your chance to win a new e-reader – from e-ink-info.com

Last week we posted about E Ink display persistency – and the fact that those displays can actually retain an image for years. Now it’s your turn to try and think of applications for this feature. Besides making some nice B&W photo frames – what cool things can be done with a display that can stay persistent for such long times without a power source? For example gadgets that only need to change the display once a day…

Just post your idea as a comment below, and be sure to leave your e-mail (you can also send the e-mail in private, of course). We’ll choose the two best ideas, and award them with new e-readers (either a Kindle paperwhite or a Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight). This contest is open for everyone. E Ink, who were kind enough to give away the two e-readers, will ship them worldwide. We’ll choose the new winners on December 11th.

Please post all suggestions directly to e-ink-info.com. Suggestions posted below will not be entered into the contest.

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