World’s Thinnest Watch approaches $1 million in sales on Kickstarter

In January, Central Standard Timing launched a revolutionary new watch at the 2013 CES show. E Ink’s SURF display was an integral part of their vision and design process, and together we previewed the CST-01 during ShowStoppers and in press meetings, to overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Central Standard Timing made the CST-01 watch available on Kickstarter, with an initial goal of raising $200,000 within 45 days. Today is day 42 and the team has raised $907,050, and are pushing to hit $1 Million before they close off the campaign.

The two designers responsible for the CST-01 have posted up a blog article to the IDEO blog talking about their inspirations for the watch, and their design and build process during the prototyping phase. Read about their story and learn more about the CST-01 and it’s campaign on Kickstarter.

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