Corporate Social Responsibility

Letter from the Chairman & CEO

As the leader of the electronic paper display (EPD) technology, we aggressively develop new products and cultivate application markets through continual innovation. While pursuing sustainable growth, we hope to incessantly create values for human society. For we believe that combining products and services for sustainable development is the only way to achieve sustainable development for E Ink. Hence, it is our mission to contribute to society and the environment by promoting low-energy consuming EPD products with customers through our core EPD technology.


Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

To show our determination to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR), we officially established the CSR Committee on March 17, 2016. Chaired by the vice president of the operational center, the committee is composed of the Secretary Office, the Green Production Division, Employee Care Division, Governance Division, and Product Marketing Division to plan and implement the annual CSR business from different dimensions. By doing so, we hope to promote CSR within the organization in a more consistent and organized manner.


Plants in Taiwan and China realize sustainable development at the same time

Aside from continuing our care for employees, concerns about customers, and contributions for shareholders, we reinforce environmental protection, social involvement, and governance as actions to fulfill CSR. In this CSR report, we have voluntarily expanded our scope to Yangzhou Plant, our China subsidiary, to disclose their efforts in energy to save energy, electricity, and water and their explicit actions to in kind and pro bono engagement.


Development and Innovation of EPD Technology and Products

The low electricity consumption and easy legibility features of EPD meet the global energy saving and environmental trends for industrial development. Based on our corporate vision to provide better user experience and higher energy efficiency, we are committed to promoting EPD applications to all parts of everyday life through the continual innovation of technology and product applications in order to aggressively promote energy saving and eco-friendly intelligent life and bring more values to customers with our technology and services. Further, we have insistently established cooperation with strategic partners and suppliers to build a value chain for sustainable development.


Continual Innovation and Steady Profit

In 2015, we were recognized by the industry in both technology and product innovation. After E Ink PrismTM, a color EPD, was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), it has since caught increasing attention and received worldwide feedback. When the E Ink SpectraTM, a tri-color (black, white and amber) EPD, was introduced at The Society for Information Display (SID) Intentional Conference, it has expanded the scope of application of electronics shelf labels (ESLs) in the retail and channel industries. In 2015, we won the “Outstanding Technology Award” at 2015 Gold Panel Awards with the wireless EPD for our success in overcoming the battery restriction in display product development to create a brand new application market and business model. At CES 2016, we won the CES Innovation Award with the Joan Meeting Room Assistant, a meeting room scheduling solution co-developed by E Ink and Visionect, among other energy-efficient and sustainable products for professional system integration and outstanding energy saving performance.

In addition to advocating energy saving and waste reduction and implementing lean management within the organization, we persistently develop green technologies and products, as well as a second and third mainstream products other than the e-book reader, hoping to keep E Ink growing and make profit steadily and thereby to share our gain with shareholders, employees, and society. Through the concerted effort of the management team and all employees, we believe we will contribute to the sustainable development of the environment and society with our superior core technology.

Frank Ko
Chairman and CEO
E Ink Holdings Inc.

Stakeholders Communication

E Ink identifies stakeholders and material topics in accordance with the AA 1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (AA1000 SES) to understand stakeholders’ concerns about material environmental, social, and governance topics. Together with the representative of all departments, E Ink’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSR Committee) assessed stakeholders in terms of the following five stakeholder attributes: dependency, influence, tension, responsibility, and diverse perspectives. We have identified nine major stakeholder groups based on materiality.


Material Topics and Aspects

Representatives of E Ink’s departments assessed the topics that concern stakeholders based on the principles for defining report content and the methods for determining material aspects in GRI G4 Guidelines. E Ink distinguished the “core topics” of high sensitivity, “main topics” of medium sensitivity, and “supplementary topics” of low sensitivity. Information disclosures and future operational strategies in this report emphasize the response to core and main topics and demonstrate the effectiveness of supplementary topics to fulfill the expectation of part of stakeholders.

CSR report