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tft backplane Partners


Pervasive Displays offer a rich lineup of compact, low power e-paper displays suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Their expertise enables solutions that are highly integrated, easy to use and install, and tailored to unique customer environments.  Industrial target applications include control devices, inventory management information displays, and signage.


Hydis is a Korean subsidiary of E Ink Holdings that has won big-ticket orders from international brands for large- and medium-sized panels for cellphone and slate-PC applications using its Advanced Fringe Field Switching (AFFS) technology.  AFFS is HYDIS’s signature TFT-LCD technology that has earned them a contender title in the TFT-LCD market and industry. AFFS-applied LCDs have led the company to its current market standing as the lead technology supplier in the Tablet PC industry.


LG Display Co., Ltd., a leading innovator of thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) and Electronic Paper Display (EPD) technology.  LGD today announced plans to establish an e-Book joint venture with iriver, the eBook leader in Korea, to reinforce its presence in the fast-growing global eBook market.


In December 2009, E Ink merged with Taiwan-based Prime View International (PVI), E Ink’s development partner since 2005 and its largest customer. This merger enabled the new company to leverage an extensive IP portfolio, experienced employee base, advanced technology, and production expertise to rapidly expand its EPD business and develop new markets. In June 2010 PVI was renamed to E Ink Holdings Inc. Today E Ink Holdings Inc. is the global leader in the electronic paper display industry.