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The smart wall mount magnet that knows where it is

There’s no going back to office environments of the past where a few conference rooms were the only places to meet. Today, collaboration is king, demanding many more areas where employees can get together to invent the future. With numerous collaborative spaces such as break-out tables,

lounge areas and private “phone booths,” companies have a greater need than ever to manage meetings across the enterprise. 

Visionect’s 2016 launch of their first-generation Joan meeting management device attracted over eight thousand customers, including many in the Fortune 1000. It’s easy to see why. Joan delivered a crisp E Ink digital paper screen in a sleek display that could be quickly set up and fully integrated with popular office management solutions. Low power consumption and rechargeable batteries meant Joan could

go virtually anywhere, without drilling or wiring. Best of all, Joan made it simple for employees to walk by a space and check its availability, and reserve it on the spot with a few taps on the screen. 

ePaper, Best Interface

E Ink’s digital paper is made with microparticles within a thin film layer that act as a form of ink, but unlike traditional paper that must go in a recycling bin after use, digital ink is automatically recycled to form new words and images electronically. Zero power is required to display static images. In addition, because E Ink displays look like paper versus glaring TV screens, they avoid distracting light pollution in

office environments.