Patient Communication Board

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E Ink in Healthcare

As with the Patient Room Door Sign and Patient Care Sign, the Patient Communication Board can connect to a hospital or facility's EHR / EMR system so updates can be pushed in real-time.

This Board sits in the patient's room and is design to be a communication portal between the patient, their care team and their family and friends, and can show the patient's discharge information so the patient and family know the schedule and can prepare; can show detailed information related to the medicine and treatment the patient is receiving; can show messages from the patient's family, which can be logged into the EHR / EMR system, among other features.

Key Points

  • Digital Paper does not emit any light and the Board will not disturb patient’s rest or sleep
  • Since the Board is connected to the EHR / EMR system, care teams do not need to update it manually multiple times a day, both improving workflow and allowing the care team to focus on the patient rather than administrative tasks
  • No complex menus to navigation - the Board is always on, even during power outages, and are easy to read from all angles
  • The Board is lightweight, allowing for easy installation on a simple bracket
  • The Board consumes considerably less power than LCD devices and fits into a facility's sustainability efforts
  • The Board allows for a dust free update and can easily be sterilized