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Combining E Ink’s innovative and rugged digital paper with BMW’s intelligent design algorithms enables the exterior to change from black to white in a dynamic flow. The iX Flow is using E Ink Prism, a design film developed by E Ink for the architecture and design markets. E Ink Prism is fully programmable, giving BMW the creative freedom to customize the patterns and materials. To accomplish this, E Ink engineers worked closely with BMW engineers to create optimal functionality and perfect color switching of their complex laser cut designs which align with the curves of the car.

In addition to personalization, a variable exterior also contributes to the efficiency of the vehicle. By nature, a white exterior on hot days would reflect sunlight and conversely, a black exterior on cold days would absorb the sunlight. This could reduce the amount of energy the vehicle uses for heating and cooling the interior.

The process of changing the color of the car is extremely efficient because of E Ink’s ultra-low power technology. E Ink’s digital paper is bistable – meaning it only uses power to change color, not to maintain it. This inherent trait makes it possible to change the color of the car with minimal power, and aligns with the sustainability mission of the all-electric vehicle.

From CES 2023 - the Revolutionary BMW i Vision DEE Color Changing Car Using E Ink Prism 3