Corporate Social Responsibility


Letter from the Chairman

“Develop various advanced technologies for revolutionary products, a better user experience, and more environmental benefits” is our corporate mission. In addition to pursuing business growth, we hope to create more value for society, fulfill our corporate social responsibility, and become a global enterprise of sustainable development.

By extending the 2015 commitment, we successfully turned losses into gains in 2016 and repaid the yield to investors, shareholders, employees, and society after organizational improvement and transformation over the past few years. We also invested more resources and efforts, hoping to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

To show our determination to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR), we officially established the CSR Committee on March 2016. Chaired by the vice president of the operational center, the committee is composed of various divisions formed by the heads of related departments to promote CSR within the organization in a more consistent and organized manner. The committee also reports to the Board of the Chairman periodically.

Perspective Enterprise Award for Green Power Support

In addition to implementing various environmental actions, including energy conservation, power conservation, and water conservation, in all E Ink plants, we spare no effort to support environmental sustainability, support of the government’s policy to promote energy transformation, and encourage industries to use green power with zero or near zero emissions in the production process, in order to reduce the environmental impacts of power consumption.

In 2015, Hsinchu Plant began purchasing 500,000kWh of green power and increased the purchase to 1,000,000kWh in 2016. Our positive efforts to support green power purchasing were recognized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Amongst all high-tech industries, we purchased the third highest amount of green power, and were thus awarded with the “Perspective Enterprise Award” at the “Green Power Appreciation Award” event from the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Actions for Social Inclusiveness and Care

Our territory of operations covers Asia and the USA. Upholding the spirit: Contributing what is taken from society to society, we synchronously and persistently implement social care activities in Taiwan, China, and the USA. In Taiwan, we were the first to voluntarily donate NT$2 million to the Tainan City Government after the 2016 Taiwan earthquake to extend our concerns for the victims and support for post-disaster reconstruction. After typhoon Nepartak devastated Taitung, we collaborated with the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Taitung to start an employee donation campaign to raise funds for the post-disaster reconstruction fund.

The Yangzhou Plant and employees voluntarily signed up to and supported the Maitian Project in 2012. In this charitable operation, employees and the Yangzhou Plant made donations to purchase required schooling materials, such as winter clothes and snowshoes, for students in remote areas and invest in multimedia classroom construction to help local students acquire new knowledge, in order to bridge the urban-rural divide. Employees of the USA Plant have independently established the Ad Hoc Philanthropic Committee (AHPC) to initiate employee donation and material recruitment in order to finance local communities. Between 2011 and 2016, AHPC has recruited materials equivalent to US$56,199 (approx. NT$1.7 million) to help local vulnerable groups.

Recognition for Open and Transparent Governance

We also spare no effort in strengthening corporate governance. In 2014, we established an audit committee which holds committee meetings periodically. We also disclose related topics and publicize material information by law to achieve open and transparent corporate governance. Over the past three years, we have been ranked the top 20% of the best the Corporate Governance Evaluation. In 2016, we were awarded the 25th Outstanding Internal Auditor Award to recognize the efforts of auditors to assist the management on inspecting and assessing the internal control system to enhance the organization’s operational performance.

Persistent Innovation and Development and Steady Growth

In 2016, we were awarded at home and abroad for our persistent research and development of our core product—ePaper products and applications. These awards included the Taiwan Excellence Award and the “Best in Show” at the Society for Information Display (SID) Intentional Conference. In addition, the successful application of the ePaper in various fields, such as the e-luggage tag, or the multilingual guided tour signage in museums, has been changing our daily life. With the ePaper, people can enjoy a more comfortable and convenient life. E Ink will continue to develop and innovate ePaper applications in order to promote steady organizational growth. We will also continue to fulfill our corporate social development to become a good corporate citizen.

Frank Ko
E Ink Holdings Inc.

Vision and Mission of Sustainable Development

E Ink Sustainability Policy

As a specialist in ePaper and LCD R&D, design, and manufacturing company re-invested in by YFY, E Ink has undergone steady operations for years and several transformations before achieving today’s success. Extending YFY’s papermaking expertise, strength from strength, E Ink upholds its “Innovation, Discipline, and Teamwork” business philosophy; work culture of accountability; and “One Team, One E Ink” operational thinking to develop new-generation products and contribute to changing human life and creating social value. It is our commitment to investing in resources and making aggressive contributions and continual improvement in consideration of the following aspects, hoping to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and uphold our determination to sustainable development.

CSR Committee

In early 2016, we established the CSR Committee with a prime mission to compile the annual CSR Report. At the beginning of establishment, we arranged internal education and training for seed staff to raise awareness and to get familiar with GRI G4 guidelines. Then, we asked all departments to provide data, explanations, and reports with regard to the GRT G4 guidelines based on their roles and responsibilities in order for the CSR Committee to compile the 2015 CSR Report which was published in June 2016.

In addition, we set up different divisions according to the duties of each functional group and held meetings to discuss their tasks, plan and implement sustainable activities, in order to constantly promote work relating to CSR and sustainable development.

Stakeholders Communication

Response to Stakeholders

At E Ink, we identify stakeholders and material topics with respect to the AA 1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (AA 1000 SES), in order to understand the material environmental, social, and governance topics that concern stakeholders. At the CSR Committee meeting, representatives of the E Ink departments assessed the stakeholders in terms of five aspects: dependency, influence, tension, responsibility, and diverse perspectives (AA 1999 SES: 2011) before identifying nine main stakeholder groups.

Identification and Management of Material

To identify the report boundary and to ensure that the information disclosed in this report can best cover the topics and aspects that concern stakeholders, we have identified material topics with regard to the identified stakeholder groups in collaboration with the CSR Committee and relevant units. Based on the methods for defining report contents and the principles for determining material aspects in the GRI G4 Guidelines, with “the significance of a topic’s economic, environmental, and social impacts on the organization” as the x-axis, and “the influence on stakeholder assessments and decisions of a topic” as the y-axis, representatives of E Ink departments assessed the topics that concern stakeholders. After discussion between three higher-level executives, we summed up and distinguished the “core topics” of high sensitivity, “main topics” of medium sensitivity, and “supplementary topics” of low sensitivity. Information disclosures and future operational strategies in this report emphasize the response to the core and main topics and timely demonstrate the effectiveness of supplementary topics to fulfill the expectations on the part of stakeholders.

The matrix below shows the 24 material topics disclosed in our 2016 CSR report. After identification and prioritization, we have categorized them into eight core topics, ten main topics, and six supplementary topics.

Environment Prioritization, Safety Supremacy, Total Participation, Sustainable Operations

In 1992, YFY founded E Ink in Hsinchu Science Park to specialize in the research, development, manufacture, and sale of TFT-LCD, EPD, and miscellaneous display and peripheral technologies. Besides caring about employee safety and health and environmental and energy topics, E Ink management firmly believes that environment, safety, health, and energy (ESHE) are the foundation of business operations. Furthermore, E Ink management agrees that by assessing ESHE with appropriate tools, drawing up management plans, and enforcing them during routine operations and control to achieve safe operation, clean production, environmental protection, and energy conservation are key to sustainable operations. For these reasons, we are committed to making continual improvement to:

Since 2002, all E Ink plants passed ISO 14001 certification. Further in 2005, the Hsinchu Plant and Yangzhou Plant obtained the Verification Statement of Greenhouse Gas Assertions through ISO 14064-1 GHG inventory and passing external verification. Although the Linkou Plant is not an EPA-required GHG inventory plant, it implemented voluntary GHG inventory and external verification to review the effectiveness of inhouse energy conservation and emissions reduction and provide a reference for making future progress.

CSR report