Evaluation Kits

E Ink ePaper evaluation kits offer a series of active matrix and segmented ePaper displays with circuitry design solutions for your prototyping needs.

Are you looking for a screen that requires zero power to maintain an image and can be read under direct sunlight?

Do you need to enhance the next generation of products that add more values to your business model?

Engineers and product managers can now experience the unique properties and benefits of ePaper with E Ink evaluation kits. The kits solutions help simplify the design process, reduce time to market, and take your ideas to the next level.

No power needed to maintain an image

No backlight required

Thin and light

Fully sunlight readable

How can E Ink Evaluation Kits Help You

  • Demonstrate images on E Ink ePaper displays and evaluate the feasibility of your products.
  • Use E Ink reference design to expedite development process and time to market.

E Ink HULK kit series

Support our display modules utilizing an integrated IC which includes the timing controller, driver and power management.

E Ink Silk Series

Utilize software timing controller platform, providing more flexibility for the experienced designer.

E Ink ICE kit series

Support display module by ITE timing controller in middle/large size IoT application.

E Ink MARS kit series

A turnkey solution for those who are interested in designing with E Ink segmented displays. Hardware and software design support is available from E Ink directly.

E Ink Segmented Quick Start Kits

The E Ink Quick Start Kit is an excellent tool for evaluating and understanding E Ink segmented displays. Standard E Ink segmented displays allow for easy integration into an embedded system at a low cost to trial, making it fast and affordable to develop prototypes. The understanding gained by using the kit will also allow an engineer to construct a simple demo for others in their organization and evaluate if custom E Ink segmented displays will add value to their product. The sample code can be used to understand how the display can be driven by the target system easily. Written in C, much of the sample code can be used in the end design. Using the Renesas RL78 MCU, the E Ink Quick Start Kit is designed for 5 volt driving. E Ink Quick Start Kit works only with PC. Requires Windows XP or later.

The E Ink Quick Start Kit includes:

Suggested kits for your applications

*The above list is subject to change without prior notice.

*Various ePaper display panels not listed. Please visit shopkits.eink.com for more information.