System allows digitization of paper forms, reducing paper waste, and providing a low power, connected solution


2023 . Oct

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E Ink’s Customer AIOI-Systems Launches a Smart Equipment Inspection System, Utilizing eNote Devices Featuring E Ink Kaleido™ 3

System allows digitization of paper forms, reducing paper waste, and providing a low power, connected solution

BILLERICA, Mass.- E Ink (8069.TWO), the originator, pioneer, and global commercial leader in ePaper technology, announced today their collaboration with AIOI Systems Co, LTD. a group company of TOPPAN Holdings Inc., to provide eNote devices featuring E Ink Kaleido™ 3 for AIOI’s Smart Equipment Inspection System.

As companies face an increased importance in reducing their carbon emissions and providing more sustainable solutions in their factories, AIOI’s Smart Inspection System provides an advantage through digital transformation (DX) by increasing productivity while eliminating paper waster and digitizing systems.

The Smart Equipment Inspection System simultaneously distributes instruction leaflets, instructions, inspection formats, etc. that were previously on paper to color digital paper devices. Inspection results can then be entered on the digital paper devices and sent back to the main system. Smart Tags record and display the inspection results entered on digital paper in its built-in memory, making it possible to easily see the condition of inspected equipment. Additionally, the server integration software DCSS (Digital Paper Control Server Software) enables linking in the cloud or on-premises.

Linfiny Japan Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of E Ink specializing in the development of digital paper, and AIOI are working together to develop this new product. The Smart Equipment Inspections system is achieved by linking digital paper with the world's first A4 color digital paper with a flexible backplane and battery-free, NFC-enabled Visible RFID Smart Tags. The 13.3-inch color digital paper device features an E Ink Kaleido 3 screen, capacitive touch, a Wacom EMR digitizer, and a battery-free pen. Due to the device’s ultra-low power consumption, battery life is projected for five days with Wi-Fi on and two weeks with Wi-Fi off.

The product is expected to launch in April 2024 and will be shown at E Ink's booth (Advanced Technology Area, Hall 7, Booth No. A098) at CEATEC 2023, scheduled to be held from October 17, 2023 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City, Japan.

"Since 2010, we have been partnering with E Ink, the leader in digital paper technology, to continue selling the world's first Smart Tag digital paper to logistics and manufacturing companies in Japan and overseas,” said Yutaka Yoshino, President and CEO, AIOI Systems Co., LTD. “The announced Smart Equipment Inspection System, which links digital paper with Smart Tags, will be adopted by a leading Japanese general electronics manufacturer in April 2024, and is expected to play an important role in promoting DX in inspection operations for various control devices and equipment. By developing the Smart Equipment Inspection System for corporate customers, we hope to contribute to the promotion of on-site DX around the world going forward. We plan to further advance our collaborative relationship with E Ink in the future by developing various products equipped with digital paper technology.”

"In the industrial world, on-site operations are still carried out with a paper-based workflow and ideal DX has not yet been achieved,” said Naoki Sumita, President, E Ink Japan Inc. “We hope that by collaborating around our digital paper with AIOI-Systems, which has many customers in logistics and manufacturing worldwide, we can deliver this solution and contribute. E Ink is committed to achieving a sustainable society by providing low-power, sustainable solutions.”

E Ink has been studying the CO2 effects of displays using paper or LCD versus electronic paper (ePaper) displays. Findings have shown significant CO2 savings with the use of E Ink ePaper displays.

  • As an example, a financial institution with 125 branches saves 16.5 million A4-sized paper sheets each year when they adopt an eNote using E Ink’s technology, and contributes approximately 1,100 tons of CO2 reduction each year.
  • Over the past seven years, 600 million electronic shelf labels (ESLs) of around three inches in size have been installed worldwide. If it is assumed that the price and information is changed four (4) times a day, ePaper tags can reduce CO2 emissions by 32,000 times versus single-use paper price tags.

About E Ink

E Ink Holdings Inc. (8069.TWO), based on technology from MIT’s Media Lab, provides an ideal display medium for applications spanning eReaders and eNotes, retail, home, hospital, transportation, logistics, and more, enabling customers to put displays in locations previously impossible. E Ink’s electrophoretic display products make it the worldwide leader for ePaper. Its low power displays enable customers to reach their sustainability goals, and E Ink has pledged using 100% renewable energy in 2030 and reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2040. E Ink is a member of the Climate Pledge, has joined the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), and has been listed as one of the Asia-Pacific Climate Leaders by the Financial Times, Nikkei and Statista in 2022. Listed in Taiwan's Taipei Exchange (TPEx) and the Luxembourg market, E Ink Holdings is now the world's largest supplier of ePaper displays. For more information please visit E Ink. We Make Surfaces Smart and Green.

About AIOI-Systems

Under the vision of "Surprising the World with Innovative Ideas! AIOI Makes the Future!," AIOI supplies products that support DX in logistics and manufacturing all over the world. AIOI provides products that contribute to improving on-site productivity and DX to logistics and manufacturing companies around the world, including Pick to Light System, which we deliver to 72 countries around the world and are the global market leader, Projection Picking System with a Poka-Yoke (fool proofing) function applying projection mapping, and world's first smart card to commercialize digital paper. We will continue to develop original systems through innovative thoughts and ideas and deliver them from Japan to the world.


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