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E Ink practices green reading through e-paper and Gift give-away in Taipei International Book Exhibition

Hsinchu, Taiwan, 1 February, 2012 - Global leader in electronic paper industry, E Ink has devoted to the promotion of life. Coincides with the theme of green reading in the 20th Taipei International Book Exhibition into the second decade, E Ink demonstrates its ecological-friendly electronic paper technology and applications, showing the e-paper desk, the world's limited edition Seiko watches, Yoong Fon Bank credit & debit display card.

E Ink’s latest conceptual product, "e-paper desk", located in "celebrity testimonials area" of green reading region, has its debut in Taiwan. E-paper desk can not only download books from the cloud, but also directly take notes by hands, and discuss real-time with friends on line through social media, which makes reading highly interactive. In addition, the district also demonstrates several new ebook readers applying E Ink e-paper technology, across the major countries throughout Europe and emerging countries. These products possess features such as touch and quick page turn, enclosed with a number of recommended books in foreign languages​​, a pleasure leaving for Taiwan readers to explore.

To further people’s understanding on e-paper, E Ink introduces an event of "e-paper introduction area", so that people actually experience the features of e-paper. E Ink e-paper is made ​​of millions of micro-capsules, as thin as the human hair. Each capsule contains positively charged white and negatively charged black electronic ink. Unlike LCD, E Ink e-paper makes reading e-books close to the traditional printed book, no flickering, non-irritating to the eyes, even readable under direct sunshine. Moreover, E Ink electronic paper uses ambient light, has no need for backlight, consumer power only when the page turns, and therefore has the feature of low power consumption. In addition, a ebook is able to load thousands of books. Through combined ebook reader device with cloud technology, user can simply lend and borrow books by pressing buttons.

In addition, E Ink e-paper also combines with the ancient Chinese texts in the "Ming Dynasty Ancient Area", presenting an unique charm of reading ancient books through contemporary e-paper technologies.

In the "light reading application area", E Ink demonstrates the Japanese Seiko "Lupin III" solar-powered e-paper watches, which applies E Ink e-paper display and solar panels and is issued only two thousand pieces worldwide. E Ink presents two editions, one will be given away as a gift for attendees. In addition, E Ink demonstrates the built-in dynamic password credit and debit card, Yoong Fong Bank display card.

E Ink also applies the functions of social media through inviting web browsers to punch at Facebook and uploading pictures. Participants for on-site visit or complete punch at Facebook will receive a E Ink bounce ball.

E Ink booth is located on the first building of Taipei World Trade Center, from 1 February to 6 February. There are three on-site talks at the green reading salon and one key-note speech at the red reading salon.

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