About E Ink Prism™

E Ink Prism™ will transform the way spaces and surroundings are experienced. Manufacturers and designers will now have the ability to integrate innovative films with architectural products to dynamically change colors, patterns, and habitats.


  • Fully Programmable Colors and Patterns transform static spaces into one of a kind experiences
  • Rugged and Flexible design creates endless design opportunities by easily integrating with materials, structures, and applications
  • Low Power Consumption and industry leading energy efficiency significantly reduces need for electrical connections

About Prism

E Ink Prism utilizes E Ink’s bistable ink technology in a film that can transform architectural materials into dynamic, one of a kind experiences and designs. It is visually similar to paint because it uses the same pigments found in the printing industry.

But unlike traditional paint E Ink Prism can change the color of a wall, ceiling panel, or entire room instantly, at the flip of a switch.


It doesn’t stop at color. Programmable patterns and shapes can be integrated to create designs or function. Doors can indicate if a conference room is occupied, wall designs can respond to noise, temperature, or motion in the room. Whatever the idea, the opportunities are endless and only limited by a designer’s imagination.

Static → Dynamic → Digital

Static Dynamic Digital
Low cost Moderate cost High cost
Passive Interactive Interactive
Multiple surfaces Multiple surfaces Limited surfaces
Texture, color, light Texture, color, light Color and light