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Operation of Integrity Management Code

Develop practices and programs to prevent dishonest behavior

The Board of Directors of E Ink approved " Business Integrity Code of Conduct " in December 2019. Based on this, E Ink formulated the " Integrity Management Code of Practice " as E Ink's operational norms for implementing the code of integrity management. HR Central Division is the competent unit responsible for the promotion of integrity management policy, education and training, receiving and processing of complaints at the Company. Its operation and implementation status are regularly reported to the board of directors every year.

The prevention and specific measures against dishonest behavior include:
1. Employees sign the "Agreement on Integrity, Confidentiality, and Intellectual Property" to protect company’s integrity, confidentiality and intellectual property rights.
2. Employees sign the "Letter of Commitment to Prevent Insider Trading" to prevent insider trading.
3. E Ink requires suppliers and third-party suppliers sign a "Letter of Integrity and Integrity Commitment" before the transaction, promising that they will abide by and fulfill the obligations, so as to prevent company personnel from accepting improper benefits and ensure compliance of business integrity.
4. The contracts signed by our company and affiliated companies with suppliers require both parties to abide by the integrity management policy. If the counterparty of the transaction engages in dishonest behavior, we may terminate or cancel the contract at any time.
5. Highlight the key points of " Business Integrity Code of Conduct " to new employees through education and trainings

Information disclosure of Integrity Management Policy

External: The relevant information of the integrity management code has been disclosed on the E Ink's website.
Internal: Information related to the integrity management code has been disclosed through the internal website and electronic announcement.

Building a Culture of Integrity by Training and Education

E Ink requires all employees to strictly adhere to “Business Integrity Code of Conduct” and also requires all in-service and new employees to complete education and training of ““Business Integrity Code of Conduct”. The training program covers topics including anti-corruption, anti-trust, and code of conduct guidelines, roles and responsibilities, whistleblower procedures and protection of trade secrets. New comers have 100% completed the training on the Code of Ethics for Business Integrity in 2023. As of the end of 2023, a total of 1,759 employees completed the training and 1,759 hours in total on the Code of Ethics for Business Integrity.